How to Pop a Key Back Onto a TOSHIBA Laptop Keyboard

It’s all too easy to pop the keys off a laptop, and almost impossible to get them back on without losing or destroying the nearly microscopic parts. If you’re careful and proceed with caution, then you can pop a key back onto your TOSHIBA Satellite U400 Keyboard and make it work as good as new. All you need is a careful eye and some very stable hands.

1.Start with all the pieces. Examine them carefully. Note where the tiny tabs are on them. Arrange them correctly.

2.Note the orientations of the tabs on the U-shaped piece. Slip the tabs under the metal loops on the laptop.

3.Slip the second O-shaped piece through the centre of the U-piece.

4.Hook the tabs on the O-piece under the hooks on the laptop.

5.Click the tabs in the O-piece into the notches in the U-piece.

6.Make sure the tabs are raised. At this point, the two pieces are gently locked together. If done correctly, they will not sit flat. They will be raised slightly above the laptop surface.

7.Place the key right-side up over the U and O pieces. So first click the right side (you’ll hear it click!), And then push down the left side of the key.

8.Click it into place.

9.Voila! The key is replaced.

Laptop Keyboard for TOSHIBA Satellite U400

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